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HIKARIDO: discover Japan through large-sized, high-quality photo prints matching the most demanding requirements for an exclusive interior design.

HIKARIDO was born from the desire to promote large-format photography through fine photo prints and works that are generally reserved to galleries and museums. This unique approach combines images with a soundscape that has been specially selected to accompany photo prints, as well as an original story.

By combining these three media, these three sensory experiences, you will find yourself closer to the artist’s vision, to the original idea behind the click: a true mise en abîme that will spirit you away on a daily basis.

The originality and value of HIKARIDO can also be found in its personalized service, a full support starting at the print selection, then photo customization (including changes in colorimetry and size according to personal taste and environment), to the finishing options. Commissioned work can be also ordered.

HIKARIDO thus breaks voluntarily away from the “click and go” approach to reclaim this necessary relationship between the artist and the sponsor in order to create every time an original and dynamic work. A simple and limited selection, but with new works regularly offered.

All works are numbered and certified, signed and come in a limited edition of 50 prints. The prints will benefit from the most advanced printing in specialized laboratories in your country of residence in order to guarantee local delivery.

We invite you to explore our themes and photos. They have been designed for a maximum visual impact and that will not only catch your eye but also arouse your curiosity through the hidden story of the snapshot.




There are many different print options available today, but we chose to retain only the best to date, offering with a wide range of rendering.

Beyond available information, HIKARIDO is available at all time to inform you, help you in your choices and will assist you throughout the execution process to achieve a perfect result.

It is also possible to conduct a study based on the arrangement of the room where the presentation will be displayed, but also tp discuss  its most suitable size, location, lighting, and the most appropriate finishes.

All prints come in limited edition (50 copies for each picture) and are numbered, signed and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

Prints are available in various kinds of finishes, according to your wishes and the following specifications:


Lambda print on high grade argentic paper

  • Max. width: 127 cm
  • Shiny (coated) and semi-matt paper
  • Metallic paper

Lambda photo printing produces pictures that have unparalleled precision, continuous tones and a natural color rendering. 

With a full-frame finish and a plexiglass layer, this is our format of choice for achieving a high visual impact. 
Large-Size Fine Art Piment Printing

Printing on a wide palette of graphic and archive papers (Canson, Hanhnemühle, Awagami).

  • Max. width:  150 cm
  • Semi-matt paper
  • Mat Fine Art Paper (smooth or highly textured surfaces)
  • Shiny papers (e.g. Baryté) Japanese paper (Awagami): traditional elements, some of them handmade
  • Canvas

These printing styles make it possible to choose various rendering, notably in regard to the choice of paper, and thus to add a more or less strong texture to the picture.

Other formats, such as the lightbox, are available on demand.

For further information, please feel free to contact us.




When it comes to a picture, you might have a very specific idea in mind. It can also happen that during one of your travels, for a few seconds, you caught a glimpse of a scene in a small street, while a very particular light transformed that vision into a full story.

It is then difficult to convey this emotion over time by only relying on your memory. A snapshot of that specific moment in time can then transform this memory into a daily journey, bringing you back to this emotion as if you were there again.

HIKARIDO is able to carry out your wishes through an unique print, based on your instructions, and create a tailor-made work of art.

At this time, we operate throughout Japan but it also possible to travel to Shanghai or Seoul.

Reproduction rights may be discussed in order to grant you exclusive rights on the work. For further details, please feel free to contact us.