HIKARIDO came to life through the initiative of Aldo Bloise, a veteran photographer who has been practicing photography for more than 20 years. Trained in graphic arts in Geneva, he followed a traditional approach to photography until very late, preferring black and white film grain over the first digital cameras.

Later on, after shooting more than 15’000 negatives, three quarters of them in Japan, a country whose unique light fascinates him, Aldo Bloise started working with digital photography thanks to his in-depth knowledge of digital editing software.

Aldo Bloise has produced several personal exhibitions, including “Kawaii Nostalgica”, “Iro, Iro, Iro” and “Metropolitizen” in Switzerland. He will exhibit again his work in Fukuoka and Tokyo in 2015.

His passion for images and stories hidden in daily life, as well as his desire to share them with others, have driven him to develop this original approach with fellow photographers, artists and graphic designers.

HIKARIDO is an integral part of PHOTOSGRAPHIA, a collective structure bringing together various creative processes, in addition to photography, and that has stemmed from Japan to expand to several countries and cultures.