This selection is an integral part of an exhibition named “Vertigo Blues” that will be introduced in Tokyo in 2015.

The first steps began in 2009 and the creation process continues today. Blurring is systematically done at the time of shooting, with no later addition. This puts a huge mechanical stress on the camera body and lenses depending on the lighting conditions and needs.

An substantial amount of work related to colors and saturation is then carried out in order to achieve the dreamlike quality of the artist’s vision. This work implies lengthy adjustments to reach the final result and balance.

Vertigo Blues is part of a dark story taking place in the heart of Tokyo and is a companion piece of another exhibition, “Iro Iro Iro”, both set in an eerie world.

This collection of works includes a time stamp and the exact geo-localization of the shooting, which is moving away every day.

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