This selection of cityscapes takes root in the heart of the Japanese capital, Tokyo, and spreads towards Osaka as well as Kyoto.

An endless metropolis, Tokyo releases a breathtaking and exhilarating energy that literally never stops. This is something to see, and to live, to believe.

Most of these works are very powerful, highly electric and will fit your office perfectly if you are looking for strong emotions! Nothing better to start your day than being swept away by a sense of vertigo in this modern-day Shangri-la.

Immerse yourself in the never-ending flow that crosses the archipelago’s capital. Tokyo, this undisputed center that will make your eyes tingle for a long time after you have shut them…

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Take a few minutes to enjoy our selection of tracks chosen to accompany these works. We recommend using headphones to fully benefit from a more accurate acoustic rendering of the ambiance.